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"Bankruptcy, we don't want to do that!" greeted me as I stood up in front of the room to give a presentation. If that resonates with you in any way, and it certainly does for most of us, read the rest of this discussion before you move on to other parts of this site and blog.
Save your assets! A Fresh Start works best when you're left with assets the bankruptcy laws allow you to keep. If you've depleted those assets before your discharge in bankruptcy, you've lost one large benefit of bankruptcy that our Congress gave you.
What everyone (including attorneys) should know about bankruptcy
File Bankruptcy From Your Home!
Be careful! Don't have money where you owe money.
Waiting to File Bankruptcy Can Hurt You!
Filing Bankruptcy and Have Credit Union Children's Accounts? Look Out!
Avoid these banks if filing bankruptcy!
Does my discharged-in-bankruptcy debt stay gone forever?
Expensive loans in California can force you into bankruptcy!
Payday lender sentenced to 16 years in prison
Family farmers get a break (Chapter 12 bankruptcy)
Am I liable for my spouse's debts in California?
Too much money to file bankruptcy? Here's how to fix that.
If I file bankruptcy, will I lose the things I own?
Should I take a loan from my 401(k) to pay my credit cards?
Bankruptcy May Be Your First and Best Option
Can I keep my house and car if I file bankruptcy?
How Often Can I File Bankruptcy?
Will bankruptcy stop a foreclosure?
Bankruptcy Might Save Your Life
Can I get rid of payday loans by filing bankruptcy?
What are Bankruptcy Exemptions and why are they important?
File bankruptcy without a lawyer? Only at your peril!
Why NOT to reaffirm a mortgage in bankruptcy!
What's the kind of bankruptcy where you don't have to pay for your house and your car?
Bankruptcy May Improve Your Credit Score!
Feeling shame for needing to file bankruptcy? Listen to Leonard Cohen.
Getting collection calls about old debts? Be very careful!
3 Things To Understand About Filing Bankruptcy
About to have your car repoed? Consider bankruptcy!
Divorce, property settlements, and bankruptcy (#3)
Will I lose my retirement accounts if I file bankruptcy?
When can I buy a home after bankruptcy?
Divorce, property settlements, and bankruptcy (#2)
I don’t want to file bankruptcy on my car!
When Bankruptcy Is the Best Option (nerdwallet)
Beware your credit union when filing bankruptcy (#2)!
Do I need a lawyer to file bankruptcy?
Credit card company has a lien on my house! Can bankruptcy help?
Vacation on your credit cards before filing bankruptcy? Why not?
Want to Eliminate Crushing Debt, Stop Lawsuits, or Stop Foreclosure? Consider Bankruptcy!
Should you settle your debts instead of filing bankruptcy?
Avoiding Bankruptcy Can Backfire
Ignore lawsuit papers at your peril. Bankruptcy might fix that.
Many of my debts are "charged off". Do I still need to file bankruptcy?
Owe way more on your car than it's worth? Bankruptcy might fix that.
Scam Targets Bankruptcy Filers
A creditor sued me and got a court judgment. Is it too late to file bankruptcy?
I'm owed $150,000 of back child support. Can I file bankruptcy?
Can I give money to my son before filing bankruptcy?
Should you pay your creditors if you're going to file bankruptcy?
People Fare Better After Filing Bankruptcy
How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney – Avvo.com
Ready to file bankruptcy? That's good news, not bad.
What might bankruptcy do for me? The short version.
Car died, got a car loan three months after bankruptcy!
Are credit card payments killing you? Is bankruptcy a good option?
Are you putting off contacting a bankruptcy attorney? That might cost you lots of money.
Are you expecting a tax refund? It's that time again.
HOA dues still pile up after filing bankruptcy. What to do?
I owe too much money to file bankruptcy. Wrong!
With my income, I'll have to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and pay all my debts. Wrong (probably)!
I owe back income taxes, so bankruptcy is useless. Wrong!
Bankruptcy would take everything I own. Wrong!
I’ll lose my home if I file bankruptcy. Wrong (probably)!
Bankruptcy will ruin my credit for 10 years. Wrong!
Do I make too much money to file bankruptcy?
Beware this new type of credit card offer!
Financial problems? Use leverage, not muscle.
File bankruptcy having a joint bank account with my mother?
Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy – the short version
Expect to inherit something? Got debts? Consider bankruptcy!
Is anyone in the family in a position to pay this? Collecting debts from the grave, and bankruptcy…
I filed bankruptcy before, so I can't do it again. Wrong!
If I file bankruptcy, I'll never be able to buy a car, buy a house, or buy anything I can't pay cash for. Wrong!
Everyone will know I filed for bankruptcy. Wrong!
Congress pretty much eliminated bankruptcy in 2005. Wrong!
Divorce, property settlements, and bankruptcy. Oh my!
My credit card company "wrote off" my debt. Can I stop worrying about it?
If I file for bankruptcy, will I lose everything I have?
I have more money than I can protect from creditors when I file bankruptcy. What should I do?
How much money can I keep in my checking account when filing bankruptcy?
My parents died and now their creditors are calling me to pay their debts!
Will bankruptcy get rid of all my debts? Maybe not…
What's keeping you from filing bankruptcy?
Owe way more on your car than it's worth? A Chapter 7 bankruptcy might fix that.
Owe way more on your car than it's worth? A Chapter 13 bankruptcy might fix that.
Can I file bankruptcy if I have gambling debts?
Ex-husband charged on credit card and is not paying. Is it bankruptcy for me?
I gave my car to my brother and now I'm ready to file bankruptcy. Wrong!
Retirement Plans Are Your Saving Grace in Bankruptcy
File your taxes on time. That's an order!
In bankruptcy, up is down and black is white!
Beware your credit union when filing bankruptcy (#1)!
Is a creditor suing you? Consider that a wake-up call.
A creditor is suing me! What should I do?
Should you avoid bankruptcy?
I filed bankruptcy but forgot to list a debt I owe!
Financial problems, considering bankruptcy, feeling hopeless? Listen to Pete Seeger.
Wait until you're sued to file bankruptcy, or file earlier?
Tax refunds and bankruptcy. Do they go together?
Protect your credit score or get out of debt through bankruptcy?
I filed bankruptcy before and now I need to file again!
A moment to reflect at this 2013 holiday time
Pay Your Debts To Stay Out Of Jail? No way!
Is this your "Window of Opportunity" for bankruptcy?
If I had any money, I wouldn't need to come see you to file bankruptcy. Wrong!
Bankruptcy is a last resort. Do not believe it!
My father cosigned my car loan. What will happen if I file bankruptcy?
In debt and don't see a way out? Maybe change your thinking…
Thinking of filing bankruptcy? Don't do these 7 things.
Will bankruptcy ruin my credit (re-revisited)?
A creditor is suing me! Should I file bankruptcy?
I paid back my mother money I owed her, and now I need to file bankruptcy.
Do I need bankruptcy to protect my money and other stuff from creditors?
Can bankruptcy reduce your mortgage payments?
I need to file bankruptcy, but I WANT to pay certain people!
Can bankruptcy save my house from foreclosure?
Debt settlement for you? Be very afraid.
Filed bankruptcy and can't afford to keep your house? How long should you stay in it?
A moment to reflect at this holiday time
Are you paying off credit cards with your retirement funds or home equity?
Are all bankruptcy attorneys created equal (#3)?
Will you lose your IRA if you file bankruptcy?
Can I lower my house payments by filing bankruptcy?
Will bankruptcy ruin my credit (revisited)?
Why can't I get rid of my student loan debt in bankruptcy?
Retired in California and considering bankruptcy? Keep your home, pension savings, and Social Security savings?
Considering bankruptcy? Here be Dragons…
My house is underwater and I'm behind in my mortgage payments. Is bankruptcy a good option?
Why is bankruptcy so complicated and expensive?
Are all bankruptcy attorneys created equal (#2)?
Bankruptcy and Divorce – The Short Version
Lose 50 Pounds In 3 Months With Bankruptcy
Are you too proud to consider bankruptcy?
Can I get rid of my back income taxes with a bankruptcy?
Can I pay my mother what I owe her before I file bankruptcy?
Think the trustee in your bankruptcy won't find that boat?
Will they take my house if I file bankruptcy? (Part 3)
Will they take my house if I file bankruptcy? (Part 2)
Will they take my house if I file bankruptcy? (Part 1)
Will I need to file bankruptcy after they foreclose on my home?
Will my payday loans be wiped out in my bankruptcy?
What happens at my Creditors Meeting?
After I file bankruptcy, can I keep the credit cards that I don't owe anything on?
Do my wife and I need to file bankruptcy together?
Bankruptcy for a collection-proof senior citizen?
Be careful of offers for a new credit card (#2)!
A moment of reflection at this holiday time…
Bankruptcy sounds scary. Just what is involved in a bankruptcy?
What is this bankruptcy "Wild Card" I keep hearing about?
Will a bankruptcy get rid of the payments to my ex-wife?
If I inherit money after my bankruptcy, can I keep it?
Are all bankruptcy attorneys created equal?
Chapter 7 bankruptcy with a reverse mortgage. Can I keep my home?
I'm skipping car payments after bankruptcy. Can they sue me?
I filed bankruptcy and can't open a bank account!
Can I Sell Things Before I File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
My car is paid off and worth more than the auto exemption. Can I keep it if I file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
My husband has a credit card judgment against him for business debt. Can they seize our bank accounts?
Behind in mortgage payments. Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 to keep home?
Can Filing Bankruptcy After Foreclosure Eliminate HELOC, HOA, and Credit Card Debt?
Can I Keep My Car in Bankruptcy?
Beware cut-rate bankruptcy advice (msn Money article).
Be careful of offers for a new credit card!
Debt settlement companies fleece people out of their last dollars (New York Times).
Do I have to tell them everything?
Loan mod process ruined credit.
Foreclosed? You may still owe your second mortgage.
Is income from "benefits" included in the Means Test?
Are people who file bankruptcy bad people?
Get a head start if you're thinking of filing bankruptcy.
Can I "not file" on a credit card?
Debt Cancellation service? You might be fooled into buying expensive insurance that pays out only 5% of its premiums.
After-event information for Legal Aid of Marin County presentations.
Are you expecting a tax refund?
You just negotiated a $10,000 debt down to $2,000.
Don't wait too long!
The Case for Bankruptcy (Newsweek).
Quality-of-life signs that it may be time to file bankruptcy.
Oops! I just filed bankruptcy. Where’s my money???
Will bankruptcy ruin my credit?
Can't I just transfer the title of my car to my sister?
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