Malcolm Ruthven is the ultimate professional. I highly recommend his services to individuals that want superior representation, knowledge, and clarity. [Sonoma County, April 2023]

Malcolm Ruthven saved our family’s financial situation. I was going through a lot financially & I had no choice but to file for BK. I needed someone who can help me navigate the ins & outs of BK. I am very fortunate to have Malcolm expertise guide me throughout this whole ordeal.

He would call/ email if there’s a paperwork that’s needs to be completed/submitted. He was very patient with all my inquiries & always responds in timely manner. I was very impressed by him.

But what sets Malcolm apart is how he treats his clients. He showed compassion, understanding & was very respectful & thoughtful of our situation. I never felt that I was just a case number. He really has that desire to help people like me who are in need of fresh start. Thank you Malcolm for help!! You’re the best!! [Marin County client, December 2021]

I am so glad I chose Malcolm Ruthven to help me understand my options and complete the bankruptcy process. I appreciated his timely and clear responses in our communications. He is knowledgeable, professional, and competent. He is also understanding and patient, qualities that helped alleviate my stress about my situation. I highly recommend him. [Marin County client, September 2021]

Malcolm did a wonderful job with my Bankruptcy case from beginning to end, and I highly recommend him! He was very thorough in explaining everything about the Bankruptcy process to me, and he was very patient with all of my questions. He was very calming and reassuring to me when things came up that I was stressing out about, and he would always give me peace of mind that things would be ok. Throughout my Bankruptcy process, I had many questions and/or concerns that came up along the way, and I really appreciated his kindness, and that he always got right back to me with a response, and answered my questions very clearly. I am very thankful that I found Malcolm as my Bankruptcy attorney, he is the absolute best, and I highly recommend him! I can’t Thank You enough Malcolm! [Marin County client, June 2021]

I am a senior who has worked all my life. I continued working even after retirement age, as I did not have enough social security to live on. I was laid off my regular job in April 2018 and found it extremely difficult to make ends meet. I found it very difficult to keep making payments on the credit cards that I had worked so hard to obtain. In 2019, even with help from my children, I kept sliding deeper into debt. I maxed out all my credit cards, using them for medical payments and even for food. That is when I contacted Malcolm Ruthven, who said he could help. What I really liked about him was that he did not look down on me or take a superior attitude because I could not handle my funds. Malcolm walked me through all the extensive paperwork and told me what I needed to do every step of the way. Both of my children contacted him about some questions they had, and they said that he was the nicest attorney to whom they had ever spoken. I also believe that he is not only very knowledgeable about bankruptcy, but he is one of the most compassionate persons that I have met. I highly recommend him to anyone needing to overcome an unfortunate financial situation, and I tell my friends that if they need any help with a financial hardship to go see him. I also want to add that after the bankruptcy was filed and signed off by the court, Malcolm did not just leave. He has continued to follow up with me and to advise me on what to do if anything should come up later regarding it. He also has enrolled me in a free credit repair program to assist me with managing my finances and improving my credit. I deeply appreciate the extra care he has given me and recommend him highly. [Marin County client, September 2019]

Bankruptcy can be a very scary thing. I was having a hard time coming to terms with my possible decision to file, but once I spoke to Malcolm the first time about my situation and what the outcome would be, I was excited to get things moving. Malcolm was there for me every step of the way. He made sure I understood everything and always had an answer to my questions. He made the process so much more easy than I had anticipated. Now that my case is over, I can breathe again and I have a fresh start and it’s all thanks to Malcolm. I highly recommend Malcolm for anyone thinking of filing or ready to file. Thank you again for everything! [Petaluma client, 2019]

After looking at all our options, we came to the scary conclusion that bankruptcy was our only option. My wife and I felt embarrassed, defeated, and humiliated. That all changed when we met Malcolm who not only explained our legal situation, but was compassionate and understanding. He made the entire process smooth and was with us every step of the way, always reassuring us that we made a wise, rational decision. Now, for the first time in my life, I feel financially comfortable and sleep well every night. All of this would have never happened if we hadn't taken that hard first step to meet with Malcolm Ruthven. [Novato Chapter 7 client, December 2018]

Malcolm was exactly the person I needed to help me through the stressful and scary process of bankruptcy. He was very clear, thorough, and always available for questions. His response time was usually same-day. Most importantly, he listened to my feelings and concerns and addressed them kindly, practically, and with clear information that made me feel more stable about everything I was going through. I give him big credit for helping me to get my life onto a positive track financially and I am looking forward to the future for the first time. [Glen Ellen Chapter 7 client, August 2018]

Malcolm did a wonderful job for me. I was very stressed while undergoing the financial upheaval I was in and he helped me tremendously calm down and assured me that the process would go well and it did, seamlessly. I am grateful I found him. His professional expertise is certainly one to be commended. [San Rafael Chapter 7 client, November 2017]

We had a wonderful experience with Malcolm Ruthven! We couldn't have been more pleased! From the very first interaction via email to the complimentary call that he offered us, we felt a warm easy connection. My mom and sister and I had a complimentary call with him to explore my mom's options after having 2 aneurysms and a stroke and not being able to pay off her debts. He felt like a deeply caring family friend who listened with great empathy and understanding. He let us speak and explain all that we wanted to share with him, and we didn't feel pressured to keep it quick. There was absolutely no sense of rush or that the clock was ticking. Malcolm said he'd be happy to hold our hand through the bankruptcy process if we chose to go down that path, but recommend that we save ourselves the money by offering up a potential free solution. He generously provided us with a form letter. He explained that we could use it to send it to the creditors explaining that my mom was a senior, and was disabled due to her aneurysms and stroke and that she would not be able to pay her debts. Did I mention that he gave us this letter GRATIS!! We not only felt the generosity of Malcolm's time and expertise, but also felt the generosity of his heart! We are so grateful to him!! [Mill Valley potential client, February 2018]

Thank you very much for your masterful handling of my BK. It want forward without any hesitation or glitch, thanks to your expert guidance of me and your thoroughness of preparation. I would be most pleased to recommend you to anyone needing your servIces. [Greenbrae Chapter 7 client, June 2017]

I can't say enough good things about Malcolm Ruthven's legal representation of my case. After years of suffering under the heavy burden of mostly medical expense debt and the stress that this entails, I am finally free to start a new chapter of my life. Malcolm is patient, kind, caring and compassionate, he understands that many people do not get into this situation living reckless lives. He is well organized, provides easy worksheets to aid the process along and is very quick to respond to both emails and phone calls. No question is ever trivialized. If you are considering filing Chapter 7 or 13 do not hesitate to contact him for a free consultation. I am sure that you will be equally satisfied. You may wish like me that you had filed sooner. [Larkspur Chapter 7 client, May 2017]

If you're in trouble financially, and think you might need to file bankruptcy, call Malcolm Ruthven as soon as possible. Don't do anything until you speak with him. For example, I thought I needed to put my car in someone else's name. Malcolm advised me that I should not have done that. That piece of advice, of itself, saved me enormous hassles. Anyway, we just closed my bankruptcy case. Malcolm was just fantastic to work with. He is an expert. But more important to me, he is patient, thorough, kind and very quick to respond to all emails and calls. A gentleman from another time. Filing bankruptcy is not an easy process to go through, but he made it as easy as possible. There are not enough stars to convey my deep gratitude. He is as honest as the day is long, and just a kind man who knows what he is doing. Don't look further. Just call or email him. [Petaluma Chapter 7 client]

I did my bankruptcy with Malcolm. I was so nervous and embarrassed. No one wants to or plans on bankruptcy. From the minute I reached out to him till the completion of my bankruptcy, he was amazing. He would respond within hours of my emails. He is very thorough, which I so appreciate. When I went to court, almost every case I saw the lawyers were not as prepared or as thorough and I felt bad for the people. No one wants this hanging over their head any longer than they have to. I strongly recommend Malcolm. You are in great hands!! [San Rafael Chapter 13 client]

Malcolm Ruthven proved to be an excellent attorney. He made the process as smooth and worry-free as possible. His knowledge, legal expertise and optimistic attitude for achieving a Fresh Start were always reassuring and appreciated.

Mr. Ruthven's communications skills are a particular strength. Rarely does one find a person who is so diligent and extraordinarily prompt in responding to questions and concerns, both large and small. His patience and continued dedication, in what turned out to be a lengthy period prior to filing, were a great comfort.

You can be confident that Malcolm always represents your best interests. He truly deserves the highest level of recommendation. [San Anselmo Chapter 7 client]

Going through a bankruptcy is a painful process from an emotional and financial standpoint. Malcolm was very professional and took the time to study the big picture before defining a direction for the process. More importantly Malcolm understands the emotional stress individuals go through during bankruptcy; he is very personable and compassionate; this helps build trust and a positive working relationship for clients. [Mill Valley Chapter 7 client]

I couldn't have chosen a better bankruptcy attorney! Malcolm shepherded me through a process which I expected to be stressful and emotional with consummate professionalism and sensitivity. In addition to guiding me through bankruptcy with skill borne of long experience, he helped me in dealing with feelings of shame and the stigma inherent in having to declare personal bankruptcy. I simply could not recommend Malcolm and his services more highly. [Sausalito Chapter 7 client]

Malcolm Ruthven saved our family's financial status. We had been through the financial wringer and were given a "Fresh Start" by Malcolm Ruthven. I would recommend him for all bankruptcy needs. He upholds a professional and yet empathetic demeanor. He is precise and extremely thorough. We have peace of mind again…..thanks to Malcolm Ruthven. [Santa Rosa Chapter 7 client]

Malcolm was recommended to me by a Bankruptcy Clinic in Marin County. Although it took many months to gather all the information needed to file for bankruptcy, he was extremely patient and encouraging. He made the entire process far easier with his professionalism and understanding. I now feel I have a new start after extremely trying circumstances. Thank you for all of your help and encouragement. [Chapter 7 Client]

My wife and I had hit rock bottom. Our credit was ruined, our debt nearly $1 million and we were more than a year behind on every credit card and loan payment. Collection agencies were calling every day. We had been in survival mode for way too long and needed a solution.

Considering bankruptcy was a tough choice for us but we had no alternative. I recall my first conversation with Malcolm. He took a cold call from me, yet spent about hour (at no charge) explaining the process and totally put me at ease that I was in good hands. I liked and trusted him instantly.

I've worked with attorneys before and the stereotype is usually true. They're expensive, unresponsive and just don't care. You’re just a case number. Not Malcolm. When it came time to fill out paperwork I had numerous questions, which Malcolm answered promptly over email — even on a Friday evening and over weekends. I was impressed. He was consistent in his level of service, continuing to provide guidance and expertise promptly throughout the whole process.

My wife and I truly enjoyed working with Malcolm. He sent us emails reminding us of deadlines and things we needed to do, such as complete credit counseling, and he was on time to and prepared for every meeting. We always felt as though he truly cared about our case and about us. And to our surprise he even mailed us a book about famous people who had filed bankruptcy. That book truly gave us a good perspective and made us feel good about our decision and our future.

I highly recommend Malcolm to anyone who wants a thoughtful, responsive and genuine attorney. I feel as though he gave my wife and I our lives back, and we are beginning to live again. Thank you, Malcolm. [Chris, a Marin County resident.]

I went into the bankruptcy process knowing less than nothing. I was frightened and intimidated by the thought of it. Malcolm didn't simply take care of business, but he educated me along the way. Malcolm understood that my being in a difficult financial situation left me feeling vulnerable and confused, yet he treated me with great respect and made me comfortable every step of the way. Finally, when it was over, he provided excellent guidance regarding 'what's next' so I could get on with my life and rebuilt my credit. [Chapter 7 Client]

Malcolm Ruthven helped me through a very emotionally difficult Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. He was knowledgeable, thorough, patient and kind. Although difficult at times,(collecting the paperwork) the process went smoothly, and with his expertise he was able to explain things clearly. His rates were very reasonable (I checked around) and worth every penny. I highly recommend his services. [Marcia]

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