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Malcolm Ruthven
What I knowI know you're in financial difficulty or you wouldn't be here on my website. I also know that your situation is difficult for you in many ways, and that may be doubly true about considering bankruptcy. None of us were brought up to be in financial difficulty and not be able to pay our bills and debts, but sometimes that's just the way it is for a large variety of reasons.
What I want you to knowI want you to know that my reason for being here is to guide you through this difficult-in-many-ways process of bankruptcy and out the other side. And yes, there is another side. I don't have to look at the statistics – almost one million people filed bankruptcy in the United States in 2019 – to know that. All I have to do to know that is to see the relief in the eyes and manner of my clients after they've taken the steps they need to take toward a financial Fresh Start. As I say on my About Me page, it's a privilege to be an important part of that process.
What's on the other side?You can read quotes like "We have peace of mind again" and "We are beginning to live again" on my Clients Say page, and those are all true. But for me, even more important is seeing with my eyes and hearing with my ears the shift in manner, tone, and enthusiasm for life that occurs with clients somewhere in the process of their bankruptcy case. It's more difficult to describe than giving quotes of what they say afterward, but believe me it's very real.
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