Free consultation without leaving your home
In generalI work a bit differently than most bankruptcy attorneys.

First, I don't see the point of making you come to my office for an initial consultation that can be done just as well over the telephone.

Second, an initial consultation without preparation is wasting the potential value of that session.

Therefore we'll prepare and then do your free consultation on the telephone.
How it works1. Contact me using the email link below. I'll send you a short questionnaire that's intended to make the best use of your free initial consultation.

2. Return the completed questionnaire to me. I'll review it and then schedule with you a free consultation by telephone which will take an hour or less.

3. We have our no-fee telephone consultation. At the end of that consultation I usually know enough about your situation to be able to recommend a course of action and, if that is filing bankruptcy, how much it would cost.